Wave Generator for Wave It pool – FAQ

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Waves generator for pool Wave It - FAQ

  1. I built a pool – can I place a Wave It ?

    Yes. The ideal solution is to place the Wave It during the construction for a more discreet integration. Moreover, it’s also possible to use the Wave It in existing pools. An important care must be given for the crossing and camouflage of the pipes needed for the working.
  2. I want to build a pool of bean shape – can I place the Wave It ?

    The Wave It is actually forecast for rectangular pools with maximum surface of 50m². Its integration in other models of pool must be specifically studied.
  3. I want a wave pool with stairs – how can I do ?

    Stairs are power consumers for the working of the Wave It. So the working is not possible. Moreover it exists a pool shape that allows the use of the Wave It with stairs. It is the evanescent wave pool.
  4. May I heat more the pool because of waves ?

    The waves agitate the water and homogenize the pool temperature. In summer, water depth (slightly cooler) is mixed with surface water (slightly warmer). In addition, the comings and goings of water on swimmers accentuates the refresh feeling, analogous to what happens at sea.

    This colder weather is very pleasant in summer and is largely compensated by the pleasure provided by the waves.
    It is not necessary to increase the heating capacity when the Wave-It is installed.
  5. I want an overflowing pool but I would like waves – how can I do ?

    You must then empty a water volume corresponding to desired freeboard. This volume of water must be stored in a buffer tank. After using the Wave-It, the volume of water is then pumped into the pool. These operations of emptying / filling can be automated. A study and an estimate can be made by WOW.
  6. For children, I would like 2 depths. Can I integrate a Wave It ?

    No, Wave it actually works only in pools with constant depth.
  7. I would like to instal a moving bottom. Can I integrate a Wave It ?

    No, Wave it actually works only in pools with constant depth.
  8. I want a pool adjoining my living room with stairs. Is it possible?

    The Wave-It is actually forecast to be perfectly integrated in a rectangular pool 6x3, 8x4, 10x5. Stairs are great power consumers.
    An optimal working depends on the exact configuration of the pool. A study and an estimate can be realized by WOW COMPANY.
  9. How can I clean the injectors ? Is there any risk of deposit?

    The injectors are equipped with an additional pipe (for aspiration or removal of the filter pump). This limits the accumulation of deposits in the injector.
  10. If a child looses a little toy in the injector, how can we pick it up ?

    The injectors are equipped with holes inferiors to 7mm. This limits the number of objects which could go in the injector. Moreover, it is possible to dissassemble the upper metal sheet and pick up the object.
  11. Do we risk hurting ourselves with the injectors by putting our foot on it ?

    The injector is composed of stainless steel sheets whose edges have been softened so as not to hurt swimmers. The screws used have round heads for the same reasons.
  12. What will happen if several people are standing on the injectors? Do we not risk damaging the system?

    The injectors have been designed so that swimmers can walk on it.
  13. Is there a risk if my child starts the waves while the flap is put?

    Yes. Under the effect of waves, the flap may break. The same is true for sheets that could tear. The control box is equipped with a key switch that prevents unwanted uses.
  14. If a group of friends going into the pool, the waves could fit?
    Theelectronic control of Wave It adjusts the operating power based on "losses" encountered in the pool and consequently according to the number of swimmers.
  15. If I empty my pool for winter, may I protect the injectors ?

    No, the injectors are in stainless steel and resist to low temperatures. The power sensor can resist to temperatures up to –40°C.
  16. May I strengthen my electrical installation?

    No, the Wave It is equipped with a motor of 1.5kW. This power is lower than several household appliances as iron,…
  17. I would like spots of various colours which change of colour at the rhythm of the waves. Is it possible ?

    No, the Wave It does not currently allow it.
  18. Is the system maintenance complicated ?

    The only system maintenance is to clean the intake filter of the blower (see manual).
  19. Can you remove the injectors for cleaning?

  20. Can I have several kinds of waves?

    Yes. The waves are distinguished by their amplitude. The control box has four buttons that allow the initiation of these different types of waves.
  21. Should we add water more regularly in the evaporation?

    No. Evaporation is quite comparable to the normal evaporation of the basin. In addition, the system is automatically adjusted depending on the depth.
  22. I want the installation to be powered by solar panels in my garden shed? Is it possible?

    No, the panels power supplies can only serve as an extra, because we can not guarantee the amount of electricity generated by the panels.
  23. What additional annual electricity budget should I plan to use it an hour a day?

    1.5kW x 365days x 1h/day x 0.15€/kWh = 82€/year = +-7€/month
  24. Has the Wave-It an influence on cleaning ?

    Yes! The Wave-It stirs the water in depth. This improves the speed of filtration of the basin at the end of winter for example.