Technical aspects of the wave machine Wave It

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Technical aspects of the Wave It

Size and shape

Wave It (1 and 2) are currently designed to generate waves in rectangular pools (tiled, in stainless steel, in polyester or with PVC watertight membrane(liners) ) with a maximum area of 50 m ², such as for example, the most popular pools of 6x3m, 8x4m, 10x5m.

However, our engineers can study the feasibility of integration in other shapes and sizes, according to the considered use (swimming pool, fountain,…) and of the expected results.


The Wave It can generate waves in a pool with a water depth between 50cm and 1,5m. According to its working principle, the required power is directly linked to the water depth. We therefore recommend a water depth of approximately 1,4m.


The freeboard is the part of the wall of the pool above the water level. It is the most important parameter for a pool with waves because without freeboard, it is impossible to create resonant waves.

As explained in paragraph 2, when starting, the Wave It creates a first wave which will be reflected by the walls of the pool. Without freeboard, this wave passes over the wall and thus does not return to the air injection point, all the energy of the wave gets dissipated.

The freeboard is thus useful…

For the depths mentioned in the previous paragraph, the theoretical maximum amplitude of wave follows the following rule…


A wave = 1,5 x H freeboard

For example, it is necessary to have a freeboard of 20cm to obtain waves of 30cm.

Resonance quality of the pool

WOW waves generators are based on the resonance principle in order to generate waves that are economical in energy.

Thanks to the first air bubble injection, the Wave It generates a wave which spreads through the pool. Once reflected by the walls of the pool, this first wave comes back to the injection position where another air injection amplifies it. This repetition of successive air injections allows the creation of a wave of growing amplitude.

The integrated computer system automatically defines the right moment to inject air in order to create waves and regulate their amplitude.

Each wave is defined by a set of parameters as its amplitude (height of waves), its period (the time between 2 crests at a given place), its waves length (distance between two crests).

Wave It is based on the resonance of the pool where it is installed. Its resonance quality is thus essential and the elements hereunder are very important. The non-respect of each of these points decreases the wave quality.


The electrical installation of the Wave It must respect Standard 60364-7-702. This standard defines the volumes to consider during the installation of the electrical material by the pool in order to assure the security of goods and people.

According to this standard, any material not supplied in Very Low Safety Voltage Pressure such as the electrical cabinet or the blower must be out of volumes 0, 1 and 2.

The Control box and the valve can be placed in zone 1 and 2.
For water tightness and water-projection reasons, we excluded them of zone 0.
On the other hand, the pushbutton can be placed close to the water area.


The various air pipes  can be flexible or rigid. We advise the use of pipes at least reinforced with rigid spiral in order to avoid the crushing of the pipes. They have to resist to a pressure of 0.5bar and to a temperature of 60°C.

Their outside diameter is 50mm (+/- 10%). The lengths must be very close (maximum difference of 5%) in order to obtain a balanced working of both injectors.

They are usually made in flexible PVC, Ø50mm 5mm thick, reinforced with a spiral in rigid PVC which is flooded in the layer. The pipe is smooth inside and outside.


Various sleeves must be placed in order to move and protect the pipes and the cables. These sleeves are usually made in polyethylene.

Table of maximum lengths:


Max. length (m)

Principal usual characteristics

Air pipe between the blower and the valve


PVC pipe Ø50mm, 5mm depth

Air pipes between the valve and the injectors



PVC pipe Ø50mm, 5mm depth

Air pipes length between the valve and the injectors

Max difference 5%


Electrical sleeve between the control box and the electrical cabinet


Ringed polyethylene pipe Ø50mm

Electrical sleeve between the control box and the valve


Ringed polyethylene pipe Ø50mm

Sleeve for the pipe of the start-stop button, between the button and the valve


Ringed polyethylene pipe Ø50mm