How the wave pools work with a Wave It generator

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Thanks to the resonance, little bubbles become big waves…

Working principle

This repeated action creates waves of increasing amplitude. The wave’s amplitude is regulated thanks to the electronics contained in the Wave It control box and thanks to the pressure sensor placed in one of the injectors.

An ecological waves generator !

Unlikemost waves generators that consume a lot of energy, Wave It intelligently uses the energy present in water for amazing results! Its mode of operation, based on resonance, is managed by a software that considers the configuration of the pool and environmental changes, such as variation of the number of swimmers.

WaveItcreates a first wave which is propagated in the pool. Being reflected by the walls (freeboards), it returns to the injectors to be amplified. The electronic management system constantly controls the power required to amplify (or reduce) the waves produced.


WaveItdoes not require large water tanks or bulky piston mechanisms to operate. The space required to install the technical elements was reduced at most, only a few square meters is enough, what makes Wave It the ideal wave generator for pools of small sizes. The installation will be very soft and does not alter the environment view in which it is installed.

The complete system can be split into two main sets :